My stiletto heels clatter as I make the long walk down Lilac Close. Each clickety-click on the pavement is a step back in time. Suburbia closes in. The twitching net curtains ripple ahead of me, reaching number 36 long before I do. I ask myself again why I’ve come back after all these years. We… Continue reading Prodigal


Poised. Three deep breaths, rotate shoulders, toes over the edge. It’s sharper than he remembered, cold and slightly wet and he feels almost off balance.  A few strands of hair stick to his cheek but he leaves them there preferring to keep his concentration. He zones out any extraneous sounds too, years of practice means… Continue reading Poised

Too Late

It was all a long time ago yet the image in Gloria’s head seemed as clear as if she’d seen it yesterday. Imprinted, she couldn’t un-see it. The green was greener, the red brighter, the blue crisper, like a technicolour movie. A red coat, a green meadow, a blue sky. Her new doctor dismissed her… Continue reading Too Late

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Turning a Corner

The purpose of this blog is simply to share stories. Some will be short, some a little longer. Some will be happy, some will be sad but I hope you find at least some that you like that might bring you back for more. I often share stories on social media too so you’ll occasionally… Continue reading Turning a Corner