Double Bluff

‘But you promised’
‘I know and I’m sorry.’
‘Tonight was critical, we discussed it and you promised.’
‘We’ll miss the chance. You’re not being fair.’
Ben puts his phone in his pocket and slips back into the pub.
‘Bet she’s pissed off,’ Sandy says as he hands Ben his pint.
‘That’s an understatement.’
‘You should tell her how you feel? It’s not all about her mate.’
‘If it was only that simple. You know what’s she’s like once she’s made her mind up but I’m struggling this time.’
‘Put your foot down. Tell her three is enough.’
‘I figure if I can avoid it tonight I can persuade her we just haven’t got the room.’
‘Well it’s true isn’t it? The house is pretty small and the garden is tiny? Fancy another?’ Sandy says as he empties his glass.
‘Nah better get home and face the fallout.’
Ben pays the cabbie and steels himself for a row but as he opens the door Mandy runs downstairs and drags him into the kitchen.
‘I got our Darren to take me in the end seeing as you were too busy. Go on open the box.’
Ben opens the lid and peers inside.
Lying there are two black kittens.
‘Two? You said there was one?’
‘You should’ve kept your promise.’

©Nita Lewsey 2023

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By Nita Lewsey

I'm a writer of short stories, flash fiction and am currently working on a novel. I've had stories published in anthologies and self-published a collection on stories on Amazon. I have long dreamt of writing full time & this dream is now a reality.

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