Well here we are halfway through week three of living the retirement dream so how is it going? Well week one was great, did some writing, did some gardening, did some reading and had a day out with OH but then out of the blue it all went pear shaped. It seems no amount of planning and expectation can account for that sudden kick in the proverbial teeth! From carrying out my stress-free plans to lying on a hospital bed hooked up to a heart monitor in a little over a week. It transpires my heart said ‘no’ to pinch a phrase.

A mild heart attack, a hospital stay and an uncomfortable procedure (I’ll spare you the details) means that for now I have to listen to the experts (and OH) and not overdo it. The road to recovery will be slow and steady but I will get there and will treat last week’s sojourn, courtesy of the NHS, as a warning shot. I’m fortunate in that I don’t live life to excess, I don’t smoke, I drink sensibly, I’m not unfit (but could be better) and I’m a vegetarian, the consultant said it was a mystery and that I was just unlucky (now there’s an understatement).

What does this mean for future grand plans? Well hopefully it simply means I’ll reach any goals a little later than I initially thought but it doesn’t mean all plans are off. As my condition improves I’ll aim to update the websites and plough on with the WIP.

Be prepared for the unexpected but don’t let it keep you down, I’ll take it day by day and be thankful I have those days to enjoy.

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By Nita Lewsey

I'm a writer of short stories, flash fiction and am currently working on a novel. I've had stories published in anthologies and self-published a collection on stories on Amazon. I have long dreamt of writing full time & this dream is now a reality.

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