It’s rush hour, hundreds of commuters dashing this way and that, umbrellas aloft, dodging the puddles, hailing taxis. They all know I’m here although none of them acknowledge my existence. Well none is a bit strong, 99% don’t notice me and to the other 1% I’m a cause, a charity case, a focus for their… Continue reading Invisible

One of the family

‘You’ve never been camping? Really?’ Jamie is obviously astonished that someone of my not inconsiderable age has never spent a night under canvas. ‘No Jamie I’ve never been camping, never even been in a tent. Well I’ve been in marquees but not a tent you sleep in.’ ‘Enough of the inquisition,’ says Bob ‘Evelyn is… Continue reading One of the family


My stiletto heels clatter as I make the long walk down Lilac Close. Each clickety-click on the pavement is a step back in time. Suburbia closes in. The twitching net curtains ripple ahead of me, reaching number 36 long before I do. I ask myself again why I’ve come back after all these years. We… Continue reading Prodigal