Pretty Polly

After some rummaging Polly found the shoes at the back of the wardrobe, red silk with ribbons to tie around the ankle, skinny heels and a peep toe. She’s seen them in the shop window every week for a month before she’d plucked up the courage to go in and try them on. The eye-watering… Continue reading Pretty Polly


The mist stalks the fields, fills the furrows and masks the hedges. Crows are ghosts hopping in and out of sight. Sound is deadened in the fog, my coat soon heavy with the enveloping damp, my hair clinging to my face. I look up, there’s a faint blueness above but no warmth as yet from… Continue reading Early

Taking steps

Basket in hand she trudged up the hill, face shielded by a scarf, collar pulled up against the wind. The roads were deserted, the skies a leaden grey, a storm was coming. She was panting by the time she reached the brow, the view on the other side was masked by low cloud and the… Continue reading Taking steps

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It’s rush hour, hundreds of commuters dashing this way and that, umbrellas aloft, dodging the puddles, hailing taxis. They all know I’m here although none of them acknowledge my existence. Well none is a bit strong, 99% don’t notice me and to the other 1% I’m a cause, a charity case, a focus for their… Continue reading Invisible


‘Just grab your holdall and follow me,’ says the girl who meets me outside the station. It’s pitch black and I trip and slip as I cross the rails trying to keep up with her. She’s dressed in a dark coat and boots and I can barely make out her shape in the darkness. Suddenly… Continue reading Passengers

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Lenny’s Dream

‘..and then I woke up to find it was all a dream,’ says Carol as she vacuums around my chair, ‘lift your feet or I’ll never finish, honestly I don’t know why you watch this rubbish.’ Carol is no fan of daytime television. ‘It’s not all rubbish, some of it’s quite entertaining,’ I reply wishing… Continue reading Lenny’s Dream

The Cuckoo

More than the money, his job gave him an anchor in the grey swell which was his life. The basic routine of getting up, having a shower, making a pot of tea, preparing his daily sandwich lunch while the tea brewed, had been disrupted. His small daily ritual spoiled forever. A ritual he’d performed every… Continue reading The Cuckoo

One of the family

‘You’ve never been camping? Really?’ Jamie is obviously astonished that someone of my not inconsiderable age has never spent a night under canvas. ‘No Jamie I’ve never been camping, never even been in a tent. Well I’ve been in marquees but not a tent you sleep in.’ ‘Enough of the inquisition,’ says Bob ‘Evelyn is… Continue reading One of the family